Friday, September 30, 2011


I was so happy to see the girls put
on the grocery list.
are the perfect
for the season we're finally
A bit.
High of 92 today but it's only 74 right now!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

in the mail

I find it funny that this advertisement in the mail for
'soft and shimmery skin'
was addressed to
Especially when girls outnumber boys
in our house
(and that's not even counting the animals)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Some things never die.
Even after they do...

Remi asked if we could go see
Johnny Cash
next year at the rodeo.
When I told her we could not see
Johnny Cash
because he's in Heaven,
she said
"Oh no!  What happened?!"

Monday, September 26, 2011

cosmetic bags and little tummies

On bags:
Yesterday at Emma's soccer game
Remi took a little pink cosmetic bag.
What she had in it:
-lip gloss
It disappeared from where she left it
by a tree.
We went to concession to see if someone had found it.
And turned it in.
Funny thing is, they said,
every weekend stuff is turned in,
lots of stuff found.
Keys even.
And nobody claims them.
(weird with the lost keys)
Yesterday, though, nothing was turned it.
But I was about the
 for something.

Maybe, but kinda suspicious.

On tummies:
Little tummies
frequently "hurt"...
a Tums can fix it
a poo can fix it.
a Sprite and crackers can fix it.
But sometimes
you end up changing sheets and bedspreads in the middle of the night.
My poor Remi was sick last night.
It's heartbreaking really.
Cause you can't fix it.

But she's better this morning.
(if not sleepy)

So in the midst of the night
it got me to thinking...
Wondering about that 'lost' bag.
Wondering about the 'finder'.
And whether or not they had a sick tummy...


Friday, September 23, 2011

well excuse me...

Last night, while awaiting her turn in the bath,
Remi sang me a song she learned at school.
Very cute, really.
It went something like this:

I wish I had a little red box
to keep my mommy in.
I'd take her out and go
muah, muah, muah (kiss, kiss, kiss)
and put her back again.

I wish I had a little blue box
to keep my daddy in.
I'd take him out and go
squeeze, squeeze, squeeze (hug, hug, hug)
and put him back again.

I wish I had a little pink box
to keep my friends in.
I'd take them out and say
how da ya do?
and put them back again.

Cute right?
I guess as long as you're five.
Because when Remi was getting
tired and testy,
I started singing it.
To be cute.
And to make her smile.
Instead she says:
"You've got to stop.
You're making me crazy and you're getting on my nervous!"

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Parker caged (so cute!):

And Remi caged (back when...precious, even if a bit wrong!):

They're so happy.
I don't get it... ;)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sleepless nights

Last night was a doozy!
I had everything around the house done and could've fallen asleep at 10!
But I was afraid Emma would fall asleep doing her homework...
So I forced myself awake to keep checking on her.
Fell asleep one-ish...
Parker woke up a couple of times for night-time nursings.
At 5 Scott woke me up getting ready for work.
At 5:30 Charlee came down with a nightmare.
The alarm went off at 6 and Charlee got up to get ready for school.
I thought I'd sleep a half hour and then throw on  my robe for school drop-offs.
Then Remi hopped into my bed aaa-wake!
4 hours of broken sleep.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Scott, on his way to the deer lease, called the house Saturday.
Parker wanted the phone so I put it to her ear.
Scott talked to her:
Hi Parker!
How are you Parker?!
I love you Parker!

Then (swear!) Parker turned her little face
to look at the phone.
And with a look of confusion,
she very clearly,
and with great confidence,

He heard it too!!!
Now if she can still remember him at the END of deer season!

Friday, September 16, 2011


My editors are age 14 and 11.
They are at school until 2:30.
Or 3.

They don't catch everything, and obviously not til the afternoon, if even.
It's a warm and fuzzy feeling to find some blatantly obvious typos when reading over a post.
Not really.

I'll just apologize.

(that was it...the apology)

hugs and kisses

I'm so confused...
if  "x" means kisses,
and "o" means hugs,
then why do we say "hugs and kisses"
but write "xxxooo"

And why is losing not spelt loosing?
If it's:
" i before e, except after c, and when sounding like a, in neighbor and weigh,"
then why is it Science and  not Sceince?
Weird looks weirder to me than wierd.

I could go on and on
but I'd loose my mind trying to comprehend the Sceince of's just to wierd!
(haha! too wierd!)

And don't get me started on Grammar...I'd like to write my own book on Grammer! ;)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

the candy witch

I always volunteer towards the top of the list.
Are there seriously dates from now til a year from now?
 No way I'll remember.
So I try to get those first dates on the list...

Parent-reader Days are so much fun!
Kiddies get out of the car beaming cause Mom's coming back,
"See you at story-time" they say.

Today is my day to read.
Probably the biggest part of the fun is that you get to pick out the books, books from home, dear to the heart.

I must always sign up around Halloween.
Because as we picked "The Candy Witch",
I realized that I've read this for every kid's Parent-reader Day; so far.
"The Candy Witch" was my book.
When I was little.
One of my most favorite!

It was published, and I'm sure printed, in 1979.
It certainly looks like it too!
The pages are yellowed, some even cracking.
I just looked on Amazon to see if I could get another one
(because I'm not sure it'll last another 5 years for Parker's Kinder class.)
And then I smelled it...
And realized there was no way I could part with our copy!
Is that weird???

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

customer service?

Charlee had school pictures yesterday...
pick your package, pay up front.

She took the time to pick out her outfit
(most important)
then came hair.
Now we didn't create the 'part'...but there is one.
And it's not in the middle so we kind of have to arrange hair in accordance.
So we made a pretty half pony off to the side.
And placed ontop, a pretty flower.
"Remember," I told her,
"You have to face this side of your body towards the camera."
(flower side)
Yes, she understood.

So picture time came and she walked up
to 2 feet-print on the floor.
A blue set facing one way and a red set facing the other.
Both in front of the same camera.
She stood on the set that would show her hair correctly.
The lady photographer told her to move to the other set.
Charlee nicely explained the hair issue.
"No. Next time if you want your bow to show wear it on the other side!"

a. How are we supposed to know which side you'll be taking the picture from?
b. Why are there 2 sets of foot-prints?
c. It makes no sense to take a picture you know you'll have to retake!
d. What ever happened to customer service?

Charlee stood on the red prints as instructed and faced her body the way called for.
Then she turned the top part of her little self the other way.
Hope it worked.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

phone home

Last Thursday after I picked Remi up from school and we got back to the shop,
she told me that she had taken her phone to school.
In her backpack.


"Remi you don't have a phone."
"Yes I do, from my room."
"Remi, those don't really work. They're play phones."
"Oh.  I thought it worked."

Backpack inspection discovery: Home cordless telephone
(from her room; like she said!)

"Remi, why did you take this to school?"
"I took it in case somebody beez mean to me Mommy, so I can call you."

Love it!
I hope she always remembers that she can call me.
Even when the
being mean aren't as obvious as in Kindergarten.

I love you Remi!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Today is my birthday.

I was thinking this morning about that common phrase,
"If I could go back..."
It's usually to a pretty number like

It really only took me only a second
to know
if I could go back,
I wouldn't.
Wouldn't want to go back to even

I'm loving 36,
the entire 3rd decade, really, has been good to me.
But this sixth year of it feels
really right!

I have a beautiful baby
in addition to
3 amazing girls and a great husband who works hard
to provide
our modest lifestyle.

I remember in 2009 birthday-wishing a pregnancy within the year.
I remember in 2010 wishing for a healthy baby.
This year I'm really out of wishes.
Sure, there's lots that would make life easier.
But they're just not important.

So I wonder,
In my 4th
or 5th decades,
is this where I'll wish to come back to?

I do have a birthday's for this year to go by slowly.
That I have lingering time to enjoy it.
And that I embrace thirty-seven with the same gratitude.
Happy  Birthday to Me!

Oh...and for maybe another
Blackberry Cobbler!
(Thank you thank you thank you Scott and Charlee!...Super amazing!)

Friday, September 9, 2011


So I'm at that point.
Contemplaiting hair.
Blond or brown?
Long or short?
I've been seriously considering a drastic cut.
Then Emma had to go and make a perfect fishtail braid in my pony.
And it looked totally cool.
So cool that,
long or short?...
I'm not sure.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

on growing...

Parker's about grown out of my lap: 
(her little legs are laying over the armrest on my desk chair...)

Can't we go back to this?!:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Not quite sure how many hours I've spent
waiting in the car rider line...
but truth be told it's some
great bonding time
with my girls.

Remi gets very excited with anticipation...
are we there yet?
are we close?
are we fixin to pull in?
...because she can't wait...
to unbuckle
 and climb in the front.

It's the envied seat.
You have to be more years than 12
to sit in the front by Mommy.
Unless your in the car rider line.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

happy place

So we left town Friday afternoon
for Emma's soccer tourney
(the girls and I...Scott had to stay home for work.)
We got back home
Sunday night.

Parker was great while we were gone.
Adored by her soccer fans.
She was happy and content.

But when we got home and set her down,
it was apparent,
she was back
in her happy place!
She smiled
and giggled
and crawled zoomed around.

Scott wasn't home,
he was at the shop working on deer blinds
for the upcoming season.

I was busy separating laundry
when Parker spotted the stairs.
I called to her,
I  waved a blue soccer sock
to lure her.

Then the front door opened.
And her daddy was home.
She looked his way and smiled big.
She distinctly said
And then she crawled
 to her favorite guy
as fast as her little arms and legs could manage!

And at that moment
it was obvious ,
he was in his happy place too.

Cute pics Charlee took at the hotel:

Dear Charlee, I'm sorry I was so busy getting ready that I could barely appreciate these pictures when you were trying to show them to me.
(like you)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

school bugs...

Feeling under the weather.
My Emma is too.
(Charlee and Remi fought it off last week)
Have I mentioned how I despise school?!