Friday, July 29, 2011

wisdom teeth

Scott and Emma.
They enjoy each other immensely.
They hunt.
Movie watch.
They archery.
They play.

They wrestle and joke.
And lovingly call each other names.
Like Butt head.

Which is fine. 
Unless you have a little sister around.
One who might or might not repeat the word at school.
Church school!
(all in fun of course)

To tame their wild fun without killing it I suggested they use initials.
Like 'B-H'.
So they did, for a long time.
Then one day I realized 'B-H' sounds an awful lot like "BiAT*h"
...are you with me here?

So Miss Emma had her wisdom teeth removed early this summer.
Scott took her.
"It all went well" they told him, "she's awake."
 "You can come back and see her now."
So he did.
He walked in the room.
She looked up at him, smiled and proclaimed,
"Hellooo B-H!"

The nurse told him to go get the car.

I've been going to Dr. Smith since age 14,
but I'm not sure I can go back now.
Thanks to Scott.
And Emma.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

baby girls and clothes...

 can pink babies wear grey? or blue? 

yes! I think so. long as they also wear a fresh pedicure ;)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

summer crafts

Crafts are a staple item for  summer; somethin' to keep 'em busy.
(even though we don't have too much down-time for it)
Last year it was magazine bracelets; and goodness do we have dozens!
This year it's pretty hair things.
Hair bands:

And ponytail holders:

That double as bracelets (ingenious!):

Loving the creativity and wondering how many they will kick out in this week before camp.
(because the August calendar is looking less and less crafty)

Summer: please slow down!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Halloween is already on Remi's mind.

This weekend she dug through the dress-up box (with 2 big sisters you can imagine...)

She came down with no less than 3 complete outfits, each time declaring "This is what I'm wearing for Halloween!"

She untimately decided on Sailor Moon. I haven't thought about Sailor Moon since I had to search the internet high and low for Emma at 4. Or maybe even 3?!

Charlee helped her top off the outfit with a 'pipe cleaner tiarra'.

I'm happy that trick-or-treating
 is still 3 months away.

And that Remi has a short attention span; because who really remembers Sailor Moon!

Monday, July 25, 2011

gifts of gratitude

Emma and Charlee enjoyed a week of heavenly bliss at Lake Medina with Meme and Grampy.

There was Boating. Kneeboarding. Wakeboarding. Tubing. Swimming. Deer watching. Cooking.  Bike Riding. And Cliffdiving.

Saturday evening I was cleaning with Baby on hip, Scott was in the backyard weeding the beds and Remi was watching iCarly...when Scott comes running in..."they're home!"
We welcomed them with hugs and kisses well overdue, and enjoyed an evening of endless chatter about all their fun.
It was great to have them back!

Sunday morning I made them cinnamon rolls of the homemade variety and was rewarded with all kinds of "oh-mys" and "yums" (cause they were scrumptious):

And then I remembered some tiny what-nots I had for them:

Emma got a book of 642 things to draw; in answer to that perpetual question.
Charlee got an adorable turtle figurine.

They were gifts of gratitude. spite of leaving behind their week in paradise for a whole 'nother year...they too greeted us with warm smiles and eager hugs.
They were happy to return to our life of chaos.
And for that I'm grateful!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

remi sings...

I'm sharing it.
Because I can't stop watching it.

Remington wrote this song for Meme and Emma while they were in "Newark City..."


(I love Yewwww!)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

on cows...

So we're driving yesterday when Remi says, "Look Mom, a bull!"

"No Remi, it's a cow."

"No it's not, its a bull."

"It's a cow!"

"Then where are it's spots?"

(I suppose everything's open to interpretation)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

where have i been?

Wow!  Can't believe I haven't written on here since OCTOBER.
 of OH-NINE!

In browsing, I am amazed at how much the girls have grown.
...and changed...

I remember putting these pictures up and couldn't imagine them a drop more beautiful.  It's true tho...they've grown into themselves in the time I've been away.

All I can say is that I've been enjoying every minute of it.

On November 26th 2010, Parker Katherine joined our circus. A baby after my own heart, she arrived ON her due date.  (that like never happens)

Since then we've been trying our best to enjoy it all.  It's different this time around, with Parker.  We know how quickly it goes by.  We're savouring every moment.
We tend to say "I'll get her" rather than "can you get her".
We rock Baby longer and lay her down less.

She's our luckiest daughter...she's getting the best of us.  Yes...we've in fact gotten better in the past 15 years. (sorry Emma ;))

So our family is alas complete.

With this pregnancy, I was totally okay with a boy (be it God's wish).
But secretly I'm glad Baby was a girl.
 Because I am continually amazed at the bond between sisters.

I can't imagine not watching this for many years to come:

So where have I been? 
I think I've been right where I'm supposed to be...

...lovin on Sweet P!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DEAR ELIZABETH... it HAS been a about a YEAR AND A HALF kinda while! Almost two!

I've been busy.